Hazelnut Investment project for Ferrero and Nestle (Проект инвестиций)

14.01.2021 703940 Москва
Размер требуемых инвестиций: 700 000 000
Hazelnut Investment project for Ferrero and Nestle (Проект инвестиций)
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- The Hazelnut Investment Ltd team consists of highly professional specialists, each in their own domain, with great knowledge in agronomy, company formation, processes management, sales and project management. Team language knowledge includes English, Romanian, Russian, Italian, Ukrainian, French and Arabic languages.
- Hazelnut Investment will establish a large scale hazelnut plantation of high quality plants of Italian varieties (mainly new Francescana variety), with increased yield and a live time cycle of 50 years.
- The hazelnut plantation will have a surface of 1 000 hectares (may be scaled to a larger surface), very fertile land, rich in cernoziom and organic matters.
- The target net return on investment is 5.9 million EUR per year, after all the orchards enter into full production phase.
- All the land will be purchased, with a projected appreciation of its value by 10% each year, so that in 5 years’ lands value is projected to be 4 000 EUR per Ha, and in 10 years the price is estimated to rise to 6 500 EUR per Ha. A cumulative appreciation of hazelnut orchards in 10 years is estimated to be 11 500 EUR per Ha (with an estimated price of total fixed assets of 11 500 000 EUR).